Network Management Services from TeraCloud

Your network is more than computers and smartphones. Your net­­­work management should be too!


Laptops, workstations, mobile phones, tablets—these are all important endpoint devices that connect to your IT network. Keeping them running efficiently and safe from attack is crucial to your business productivity, and a big part of our IT managed service.

But underpinning all of that endpoint technology is an even more important part of your network, and one that’s largely invisible: infrastructure.

Network infrastructure is the powerhouse gear that keeps the whole operation running. If something goes wrong with an infrastructure device, the whole network can go down.

The performance of your critical infrastructure is essential for business productivity and customer satisfaction, but managing servers is a costly and time consuming activity. Should your IT department be diverting their valuable resources to this task instead of focusing on IT strategy and supporting your core business applications? Our Network Management services are designed to take away the pain of managing infrastructure so that your IT department can focus on creating competitive advantage.

So for your network—and by extension, your business—to run as optimally as possible, network infrastructure needs to be managed and supported as actively as your laptops.


We’ve got you totally covered. Powered by Auvik, a groundbreaking system for managing network infrastructure, our complete network service provides:

A real-time view of your network, including all the devices on it and how they’re connected—so we always know what’s happening

A real-time inventory of all the technology on your network—great for planning upgrades and budgeting for capital expenditures

Automated backups of network infrastructure configurations— essential for quickly restoring service in an outage 24/7 proactive infrastructure monitoring and alerting—to flag potential problems before they affect your network

Automated troubleshooting tools and secure remote access to your infrastructure devices—for fast issue resolution Performance reports—for full visibility and accountability Two-factor authentication, granular control of user access, and secure management of your network credentials—to keep your network safe


Network Management Services




Wi-Fi controllers

WiFi Access Points

Uninterruptable power supplies



Load balancers

VoIP Endpoints


Proactive service

We are able to predict performance degradation and capacity issues, allowing you to take remedial action.

Enjoy virtualization:

We take the additional complexity of managing virtualized environments – including Hyper-V and VMware – out of your hands.

Round-the-clock support

Our on-site teams work 24 hours a day, every day, to make sure that your network is running at optimum performance.

Our complete network services combine endpoint and server management with active infrastructure management to deliver the ultimate in network performance.


  • Greater business productivity
  • Fewer issues requiring support
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Complete visibility

Round-the-clock optimization

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